Eric grew up in Chicago and right out of high school joined the Navy and served 6 years.  After that he joined the Houston Police Dept. After serving the customary 5 years working the streets he was lucky enough to transfer to the Helicopter division. Once there he became a Commercial Rotorcraft pilot and amassed over 5,000 flight hours as PIC.

After retiring from the police dept. after 20 years he made a drastic change and went into the computer business. His previous electronic training in the military created a perfect segue into that field. He joined Compaq in 1997 and finally retired in April 2017.  He held  Hardware & Software positions, worked as an Network Administrator and Project Manager.  It’s these skills that allow Eric to solve any issue that may arise with computer systems.

Eric is now retired and in the process of converting a school bus (Skoolie) into a full time livable RV to travel the countryside so he and Ani can enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Ani is an payroll/HR specialist from Utah and enjoys living in Texas.  She is looking forward to traveling U.S. and visiting places she’s never been.