Day 19 – LED String Lighting Installed

Sept. 22, 2017 – Today I added some 110vac LED string lighting to the inside of the bus.  Even though I have several fluorescent light fixtures on the ceiling of the garage very little light actually comes inside the bus.  This makes it very difficult to work when making precise measurements.

Each light string is 48 ft. long and has 15 light sockets.  The LED bulbs are 2 watts each, therefore the entire string is only 30 watts.  I placed a string on each side of the bus for nice even lighting.

After the bus conversion is complete I won’t be using them inside any longer as I will be installing all 12vdc LED lighting.  The good thing about the string lights is that they are indoor/outdoor so I’ll be able to place them on the outside of the bus and have some great night time lighting for wherever we are boondocking at.

Here is a before shot:


And the after shot:



Author: flyboyhpd

Retired law enforcement now working on converting a school bus into a full time livable motorhome.

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