Day 17 – Odd’s n’ End’s

June 24th, 2017 – My apologies for not posting lately.  Real life has gotten in the way and what little I managed to do on the bus did not warrant it’s own separate post.  But I have made a little progress so I’ll update you on what’s been done lately.

I finally managed to remove all the unneeded wiring that went to the rear flashers.  That included the wire loom (black tubing) that ran down the passenger side of the bus.  I now no longer have to try and hide that when completing the build.

I also started the framing to box in the wheel wells.  I’ll attach 1/2 inch plywood to the sides and then also to the top.  The construction of the box’s do not have to be perfect as 3 of them will be covered up by cabinets anyway.  Except for the front passenger wheel well box which has to look perfect and nice as it will have a Captain’s chair mounted on the top for the miss’s to sit in when traveling.


I also managed to remove all the lettering on the outside of the bus.  This included the AmTran logo as well as all the Emergency Exit lettering.  My bus will be completely de-badged as I think it makes for a much cleaner look.

Last, I finally received my new LED brake, turn indicatior, and backup lights.  Once I install them I’ll provide before and after pics in a separate post.