Day 13 -Windows, Paint, and Countertops

Feb. 25th, 2017 – Got some great granite countertops from my daughter and her husband after they remodeled their kitchen.  They were just going to toss it out so we paid them a little for it and we’ll spend a little  to have it cut for our purposes.  All in all a win win for everyone.

We also settled on our paint and color scheme.  Valspar Armor is the same paint as Rustoleum, just a different label.  We decided to go with a black cherry look with black trim and a white roof.  The great thing about going with Valspar is that it is tintable in any color you want, just like house paint.

I also started taking out the windows to re-caulk them to make sure they don’t leak anymore.






Day 12 -Electrical Supplies

Feb. 18th, 2017 – Doing a few different things at a time these days to keep from hitting a sticking point.  Went to a big box store and found a really great deal on the electrical conduit that I want to use.  Next step is to get it filled with my 14/2 wire for my 15 amp circuits and 12/2 wire for the three 20 amp circuits that I will need.

Once the wire is fed through the conduit then I’ll install in onto the side ribs and terminate it accordingly at the outlet box locations.