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Where it all began


I’m calling the bus “Southern Comfort”.  Follow along as I go through the demolition phase and then into the customization phase as I outfit my Skoolie into a nice full time living motorhome.

Day 26 -Queen size platform bed construction.

Got the queen size bed platform finally built.  Now I can put down my new 10″ gel foam mattress and not have to place it on the floor where it can get damaged.  When the 3/4 plywood goes on the top of the frame it will be a total of 15″ high. When the 10″ mattress is put on it will be a nice total of 25″ from the floor.

I hinged the front 3/4 area of the top surface plywood and will place gas struts inside to allow me to raise the mattress and access the area below for storage.  Centered under the bed is also the area where I’m going to place the 42 gallon fresh water storage tank.  The piano hinge that separates the lower portion is 5 ft. long and held on by 64 screws…lol.

Black low pile carpeting was placed on top of the plywood to keep the bed from contacting the rough surface of the plywood.

I made the 3/4 plywood top 1″ bigger than the frame.  This will allow me to place 12v LED lighting under the 1″ overhang to provide nice low level lighting around the bed frame.

Day 25 -Finally After A Year Off

5/16/19 – New cabinets, fridge, and air conditioner.

Well, I have to admit it’s been longer than I had anticipated since the last time I did anything substantial on the bus.  I just invested $2,000 into all new cabinets (only 4 more to go), a new 10.1 cubic ft. fridge, and also a new second A/C unit for the back half of the bus while I work in it in this Houston heat.  I’m also living in it full time now so that saves me almost $1800/month in rent and utilities that I can put right back into the bus build to get it completed faster.

I’ll be back to posting regularly now that I’m committed to getting it completed ASAP.  I really like the way the countertop color matches the cabinet color.


Day 24 – Second cabinet install

March 31st, 2018 – Got the second cabinet installed today.  It’s an unfinished birch 24″ base cabinet that still needs to be stained to match the bigger 30″ cabinet.  Together they are 54 inches which is just enough to cover the driver side wheel well box.  The power recliner will go beside the 24″ cabinet next but I won’t place it over there until I can wire up the electrical outlet first that will be behind it.

scond cabinet

Until next time……….

Day 22 – Removed additional unneeded wiring, put together power recliner, and cleaned up a bit.

February 18th, 2018

I decided to attack the wiring again.  I was able to remove about another 5 lbs. of the unneeded stuff.  I’m almost to the point where it will be done.

unnamed (5)

I finally put together the power recliner.  It’s nice having a comfortable place to sit in between doing all of the things that need to be done.  Plus I’m loving the built in USB port on the cup holders :-).


I also cleaned things up a bit.  It’s easy to get it looking like a junkyard in there, and then trying to find the right tool becomes almost impossible.  I also got around to taking down the fans by the front windshield.  I’m going to clean them up and then repaint them.  Till next time………


Day 21 – Diamond plate in drivers area installed and first base cabinet installed.

January 24th, 2018

Finally got the aluminum diamond plate installed under the drivers seat area.  I chose to go with 1/8″ thickness as there is a subfloor underneath.  It also comes in a steel version but the aluminum version is lighter in weight and way less cost.  Here are the before and after shots.


I also got the first base cabinet installed right behind the drivers seat.  This base cabinet is 30″ wide.  I’ll also be putting a 24″ base cabinet right next to it and that will completely cover the wheel well box.


Day 20 – Electrical Conduit, Cabinets, and Drivers Floor area being prepped.

Nov. 18th, 2017 – I finished installing the flexible electrical conduit down both sides of the bus.  It will house the 14/2 wiring for the 15 amp circuits, and the 12/2 wiring for the (2) 20 amp circuits.


I also purchased the first cabinet to go over the drivers side wheel well right behind the drivers seat.  I placed the Pergo flooring temporarily underneath it to see how the color matched.  I’m happy with it.


The last thing I did that day was to prep the drivers floor area to get it ready for the new 1/8 inch diamond plate that I will be putting down.